In this page some of the shows, official and not, that are developed in Italy and in other Nations to which Alessandro TANONI has been invited for judging the morphology of the Boxers participants.


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Dog Show - San Marino 13-14 Settembre 2014 (clicking on the following icon )

Championship of the Year - Kiev (Ucraina) - 12.05.2012

Jahressieger Russia 4-5.09.2010 (videos: page1, page2)

Boxer Show - Boxer Club Carpatia - Bucarest (Romania) - 13.12.2008

International Show  Special Boxer - Senta (Serbia - SRB) - 2008

Championship of the Year - Oradea (Romania - RO) - 14/07/2007

Boxer Show Zaporozhue (Ukraine) - 03/05/2007.
An article appeared on the Boxer Club's Ukraine magazine the are available in file .pdf, clicking on the following icon:

Special Boxer Show - Israel - 22/04/2007

Boxer Club Show Republic Czech - April 09 th 2006
An article appeared on the n. 4/2006 of the Czech Republic Boxer Club's magazine the are available in file .pdf, clicking on the following icon:
The translation in English language it will be available to brief.

Boxer Show - Moscow (Russia) - 01/02 April 2006

England - July 15 th 2005
Drawn by the number of December 2005 of the magazine English "Boxer Quarterly", an article appeared on the occasion of a Boxer-Show to which Alessandro Tanoni has been invited to express his own morphological judgment of the introduced subjects.
The author of the article and the Manager of the magazine are thanked for the shown interest.
Is possible to visualize the article, in file .pdf, click on the following icon:

MEOE Boxer Klub - Year Championship - Budapest (Hungary) 01.10.2005

Boxer Match - Teramo (Italy) 17.07.2004

Match Show - Peugia (Italy) 04.07.2004

Open Show - Helsinki (Finland) 10.08.2003
Match Show - Helsinki (Finland) 11.08.2003


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