Tito del Colle dell'Infinito ... The Story of a Champion

Ch. TITO del Colle dell'Infinito

Drawn by the n. 1 - first year   - " Red Series " of the magazine "Monami" (Insogno S.r.l.)


"... Wanted strongly from his breeder, after the successes on the rings he has gathered his good affirmations in reproduction. From him a dynasty of great winners."

Sunday 27 June, in the same day in which to Basilea the fastis of the conclusive day of the exposure Atibox 1993 were being celebrated, he is extinguished in his kennel the champion Tito del Colle dell'Infinito. Besides introducing the due homage to the disappeared protagonist, these lines they shortly want to almost cross again one decade of events that, for the Italian breeding, I believe is worth is remembered. We quickly return to the 1985 winter, and precisely a month of February. In that days is introduced to Alessandro Tanoni the problem of the choice of the fittest stallion for one female of his, Bellamora, genetically built on the most classical blood lines Val di Senio.


He departed so for Reimstcheid in Germany, house of the champion Bruno v. d. Morsbach, whose owner, unusual character (he raised pigeons), he had cut all the bridges with the Boxer Club and it was allowed the luxury to grant the performances of his alone dog to whom resulted him particularly nice.

Bruno v. d. Morsbach
Ch. Bruno v. d. Morsbach (Reimstcheid (D): the evening of the joining with Bellamora)

The ingredients there were all, the mixture was explosive and waits must not be disappointed. In that puppies, composed among the other from females that they brought good successes to the exposures, the eyes of Alessandro they were alone for that male pup from the dark tabby mantle without practically some white stain. Here they started anxiety, the feverish expectations, the fear not to have seen correct in short the classical picture that accompanies every breeder that has operated a choice. The occasion to dissipate these doubts was introduced to an international exposure to Genova. The principal call was constituted by the judge an important German name. But the verdict was of those that didn't leave the least space to the hopes of the owner: "you allow to lose, doesn't insist, this won't be never a subject in degree to reach the excellent one." Tanoni, from good "marchigiano", he believed in the dog and receives her it was about to arrive. The year 1987 was the year of the definitive consecration for Tito. It achieves the brevet of job (that he will be followed then by the selection) and quickly it gets the titles for Italian Champion and Social Champion of Beauty to be proclaimed. Neither it is necessary to forget the attainment of Klubsieger-anwartcchaften in Germany and sopratutto 1 excellent in class I work to the Jahressieger of Kassel, positioning ever gotten before then from any Italian dog. The employment naturally started in reproduction and the results they were suffered comforting, in particolar way as it regarded the discards on the production owed to hereditary tare, discards that in the career of Tito they are practically revealed always void. But experience teaches that the fortune of a great stallion composed, over that from its genetic power, also from the quality of the fattricis. Tito meets the female to which owes his definitive affirmation really in his breeding. Louisette della Val di Senio has already been covered up to that 1987 by stallions of big name (Blasius V. Boxer Guilds and Vic V. Klosterbrunnen), distinguishing herself in the good production. From the first union with Tito they are born, among the others, Furio Uahresjugendsieger German and Swiss, Austrian Jahressieger and in possession of the titles for the champion proclamation Italian and social of beauty) and Fionda, more times better youth in assemblies organized by the Boxer German Club, aspirant champion of the boxer club, provided of all certificates for the title of Italian champion of beauty, which will continue, subsequently improving her/it the precious work of fattrice of his/her/their mother. In the second puppies with Louisette, it detaches among all Olimpio, the great winner of the rings that Alessandro attended for a long time, winning among the other of the Swiss Clubsieger, Atiboxsieger, champion of Boxer Club Italian's year, International Champion. He still with Louisette, but in the last puppies Rocco del Colle dell'Infinito is born, the last subject of this seam in degree to confer upon of a title of champion. From Sahra V. Nassau Oraniens are born Ulla and Ute del Colle dell'Infinito, whose importance in breeding will be revealed conclusive. Out in his kennel Tito produces with Saionara Vania well three champions for the colors of Pietro Poli: Terry, Thomas and Saionara Dirk. Two rightful annotations: in his production, some subject is never appeared by the tawny mantle. The second, and more main point, is constituted by the first place achieved with its children in the Nachtzuchtgruppen to the Tahressieger-zuchtschaudel 1990 held him to Gutersloh, the that it adds another important laurel to the career of this stallion. The goodness of this reproducer him it is subsequently however manifested really in the moment in which the great part of the males disappears in the most desolating anonymity, in the second generation, or in their nephews. Fionda, Ulla, Ute and from the same Olimpio important puppies are born. I retain not to be in error affirming that this is, to the peer of few others in the history of the boxer, a dynasty of great winners. Tito now sleeps calm under the great tree on purpose planted in front of his kennel. To his children and nephews the assignment to perpetuate his glorious walk..."

Alessandro TANONI con Bruno v.d. Morsbach
Alessandro Tanoni with Ch. Bruno v. d. Morsbach
(Reimstcheid (D): the evening of the joining with Bellamora)


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