Alessandro TANONI
the Boxer Kennel "del Colle dell'Infinito"

... by Fulvio AGRIMONTI (1998)

"... Being too much bashful Mr. Alessandro TANONI to speak of himself, I will try there me that I am also his friend from many years and from this moment his official "biographer".
I premise that Alexander is not a normal person, but in his field he is what the deadly communes they define genius and in how much such, the dose of lack of moderation of which is equipped, he does yes that I am owed him "to handle with care."
Alessandro TANONI is a character everything of a piece that ache is suited for compromises of every type and that for a long time, in the difficult art of the breeding, he has thrown straight for its road.
All begins in 1956 when Alessandro falls in love with a dog with a strange crushed face, that races for the roads of Recanati.
Its love for the dog was already well clear and present. Living in the country, the contact with the animals and with the dog has been entirely particularly for him natural and while his contemporaries were devoted to funs of varied type, it's interest was that to join the meticcis of the farmers and to observe the results of the varied joinings.
In the 1971 it again explodes, this time in bossy and definitive way, the desire to possess one of that dogs with the crushed face and with the human look.
In 1972 it participates in his first Exposure and it understands that the things to do is necessary seriously.
In 1973 his first true Boxer acquires and begins from student an association, for him very important, with Dr. Tomaso BOSI, titular of the kennel "della Val di Senio" and charismatic figure of the Italian breeding.
They have to spend seven years of intense job, in the respect of the morphological characteristics and of the character of the standard fixed by the Boxer Klub Tedesco, before reaching from spectator his Jahressieger and that is to the annual championship organized in Germany, that represents, substantially, the most prestigious demonstration to the world.
The leisure time that the small firm allows to him is spent in the reading of two classical: from a side the Divine Comedy, that Alessandro considers a pleasant fable and from the other "The dog is moved" of BONETTI and GORRIERI, that I believe practically knows to memory.
In 1983 his first two cucciolates are born that in Italy I am the least footstep that allows, to the aspirant breeder, to become of placard kennel titular.
In February of 1985, in the beautiful mean of a tregenda snowfall, position in car his female Bellamora, a snow shovel and it faces alone the 1500 Kms that separate him from the stallion, in the North of Germany, that will give to him around two months after the founder of his breeding. Tito is born in April of 1985 and allows to us in 1993. In his honor Alessandro makes to plant an ulivo under which Tito rests forever (Tito has been the first born Boxer and raised in Italy to achieve the excellent 1° in "Work class" to the Jahressieger in Germany. n.d. Bruno w.m.).
In 1986 Quintodecimo that not only picks up important results in the assemblies of beauty is born, but also in the field of the training. You full sister, Quorry, has represented the point of departure for the activity Boxer in "Sicilia".
The 1987 it must have remembered for the cucciolata with the letter "F", Fionda, Freccia and above all Furio (one of the most beautiful heads of the history), they have reaped laurel to the four angles of the world. Of the same year also Nicca, unforgettable his look and the absolute respect nearly of the standard.
In 1988 the second great dog of Alessandro is born: Olimpio that anchors to almost ten years of age today (the text goes up again to 1998, today "Oly" is not with us anymore having died in January 2000, it rests, as Tito, to the shade of a tree behind the kennel. "Oly" I will never forget you! n.d.W.M.), it is made to admire for presence and purity of the somatic lines.
1989 is one important year because, behind pressing applications, Alessandro begins to send Boxer over Ocean: today his important subjects exist in Peru, Indonesia, Thailand and Canada. E' this also the year that it sees to be born Bijou, whose elegance in the rings has been proverbial.
Today European country doesn't exist in which the breeding "del Colle dell'Infinito" (... of the Hill of the endless one ... difficult to imagine a more beautiful name) doesn't have a certain number of meaningful representatives.
1989 is the year of Debora and Grazia (the beautiful daughter of Olimpio that rests next to the others. n.d. Bruno W.M.), two females not only morphologically excellent but also revealed good fattricis.
In 1990 Teck is born (the name is that of a river of Germany) that its existence passes covering her good females of Italy, then of Germany and of Spain and then still in Italy (Teck, for which Alessandro has made to plant a splendid Pomegranate as last abode. n.d. Bruno w.m.). In the same year two sisters, Playa and Pamela, they crush anywhere and they begin to reproduce in sublime way.
1991 sees the birth of Fratz, judged better absolute subject on the occasion of Boxer Klub German's centennial (and considered the quintessence of the Boxer female from the undersigned).
Two years later we are in 1993, it is the turn of David, that it again crosses a career partly similar to that of Teck and Guenda that it will control ATIBOX in 1994. In the same year Terzo is born that he has practically won today what a Boxer can win.
In 1995 it is born later Benito and the year it is the time of Zico, Odino, Fabel and of the small Uber (splendid female that, for a puff, I have not had fortune to acquire. aching note of the Web Master!).
In about 15 years of breeding, Mr. Tanoni has conquered about ten and about ten victories in competitions cinofile of every type and in way particular 3 Bundessiegers, 4 Champions of the World, 3 Champions of Europe, 12 Italian Champions, 10 Italian Champions of Club, 13 Titles ATIBOX (the tallest recognition released by the International Technical association for the guardianship of the race Boxer) and 14 Titles of Jahressieger, champions of Germany [the not employees don't imagine how much the Germans are reluctant to lavish the Titles to dogs of over border (These you date they are reported to 1998. Today other titles are counted conquered by other subjects of I detach some breeding. n.d. Bruno w.m.)].
On the other hand the contacts from him begun with Germany, to go to withdraw the chromosome of their stallions, is today a pò less frequent, rather the situation is turned upside-down: today they are many the amateurs and German breeders that reach Recanati to go home the lines of blood and the experience of Alessandro.
Very, I would say too much, modestly Alessandro says that him he is"... limited not to undo how much others have built". In the reality, for the one that as me follows for years him, his work it is a mixture of knowledges of anatomy, genetics, cinognostica and a good dose of imagination that he allows him to also dare game joinings and of beating unusual runs, that then others have imitated always not with the same results.
I sustain that his is a "professionalism no-professionalism". The two terms in him overcome the apparent contradiction and they are completed in how much the results and the appointment are of absolute professional carat, but Alessandro remains an amateur in the sense that has not done, and he would have been able, of the breeding his profession, rather he sustains that he is his turn to work for affording a hobby that however he is very expensive.
The reached results are owed to a continuous application, stubborn and monomaniacale, sometimes to loss of the job, of the family and of the affections.
I have personally calculated, surely for defect, in the last 15 years around 900.000 Kms to his asset, if I don't err they correspond to over 20 times the terrestrial circumference to the equator, crossed for participating in the competitions and trips finalized to the realization of the joinings.
Alessandro doesn't know about sport, he doesn't attend "cafe", he sees the television and he feels the radio, but its interest is, above of everything, that dog with the face crushed that he intends to preserve from commercial and awkward contaminations and possibly to improve..."

Personally I have had fortune to know Alessandro TANONI in January of 1997, when I approached near his breeding to acquire a pup of Boxer. Alessandro is an extraordinary character: he talks of genetics and joinings to disarming simplicity, deep expert of the race, it remembers the lines of blood of this or that stallion or fattrice with memory to make to format of envy any computers, respond to the questions on the race making its enormous experience without hiding nothing available and, I don't complete, I have brought my Tony home to a pleasant economic dimension!!! since then, when it is possible, I return to Recanati to spend a day with Alessandro and its Boxers, to discover the results of the last joinings and every time I would return home with a load of splendid pups.
Sandro, thank you for being there!

Bruno (Web Master)


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