The passion for the Boxer is a vice of family! Already in tender age Alessandro's Tanoni children, Alessandra and Tommaso, nourish particularly strong interest for the dogs and for the Boxers. Following some historical photos of the album of family.

Alessandro Tanoni with Quinzia della Val di Senio  (1972)...

... a few years later Quinzia to the leash of Alessandra Tanoni... and that " leash "!!!

Il Dr. Tomaso BOSI con Quinzia della Val di Senio
The Dr. Tomaso Bosi with Quinzia della Val di Senio

Alessandro Tanoni has given origin to the dynasty of del Colle dell'Infinito  graces to Quinzia della Val di Senio and Zar della Val di Senio.
Alessandro expresses a felt thanks and a deep thankfulness to Dr. Tomaso Bosi that everything this has made possible.
Fourteen years of selection of breeding in that of "della Val di Senio" of Dr. Tomaso Bosi, to Alessandro it is necessary to be able to acquire the placard. Today it can be become of placard titular in a couple of years... (n.b. Bruno w.m.)

Zar della Val di Senio with Alessandra...

.. a "consumed" Handler!!!

To notice the typical head, of the face, the expression of this subject... characteristics that have conditioned Alexander in the breeding of the Boxer. Zar della Val di Senio attentively observing, you can be noticed as his expression you recall that of all the champions of del Colle dell'Infinito from 1975 to today resulted of the careful selection of Alessandro, (Ch. Pamela del Colle dell'Infinito - Ch. Furio del Colle dell'Infinito - Ch. Olimpio del Colle dell'Infinito - Vitopardo del Colle dell'Infinito - Indro del Colle dell'Infinito). (n.b. Bruno w.m.)

Alessandra with Ch. Olimpio del Colle dell'Infinito ... (despite the 9 years of age, Ch. Olimpio del Colle dell'Infinito maintains intact the harmony typical of his youth!)

... some moment of relax on the beach of Porto Recanati.

Also Tommaso Tanoni is fascinated by the pups of Boxer, it plays with them... (among the arms of Tommaso the pup Rino, child of Mira della Val di Senio X Ch. Rustan v. Teufelsloch)

... under the vigilant look of Aim of the Val of Senio (from the joining of Zar della Val di Senio X Quinzia della Val di Senio Mira and Morana are born; this last is the second footstep of the history of the of del Colle dell'Infinito Kennel as ancestress of Ch. Tito del Colle dell'Infinito.)

Oro della Val di Senio, winning of a lot of Shows, in " sitz " beside the "handler" Tommaso Tanoni!!!


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